To be honest, being present on a social network, such as Facebook, is not a guarantee of success, or that your sales increase. However, you can succeed if you strictly focus on everything you share on Facebook. Of course, if you are looking for many likes on your brand page, post or photo, they will rise like foam. Usually, SMEs buy Facebook photo likes online, which is also a good strategy, as reliable online platforms bring the authentic “likes.” Nevertheless, if you have an SME, you can put your efforts to get more likes on pages, posts and photos. Before this, look at the following tips is a condition, as it is a very time-consuming, dedicated and daunting job. 

You may see many SMEs continue to open a personal account instead of a page to this day. And as soon as we notice that the ‘likes” come from their family and friends. Is that elaborate marketing ‘strategy’ worth spending time on?

Here, you will learn how to apply a coherent marketing strategy for your SME on Facebook.

Apply a coherent marketing strategy for your SME on Facebook

The “likes” on Facebook are valuable, but the comments are even more so. On Facebook, you can create a brand image for your SME. Not only as a static showcase where to announce on specific dates that your glasses, shoes, or flowers, for example, are ‘dressed’ for the occasion and after that special day on the calendar, not publish anything else.

The marketing strategy is essential because if you do not follow a roadmap, you could mix content related to your business and your nephew’s photos in disguise on Carnival day.

The client and Facebook user are bored by your publications- ads

That your strategy is based on content marketing is a good idea. However, if that content goes hand in hand with how good you and your product are or how happy the client, you are on the wrong track.

It is important to tell your story. Although you may find several businesses with Facebook presence in your sector located in your city, your story is unique. Achieve with a close publication that the client connects with you and that they do not think that they are in front of an ad.

Dedication and a professional touch if you decide to be present on Facebook

When we go to a physical store, we perceive if the person who attends us is a good professional. The same thing happens on social networks. Especially now that it seems very natural for you to buy, inform yourselves, and live a previous purchase experience both online and offline.

Tips for your Facebook page to be respectful with the customer:

  • Direct your followers to a place, where they can buy your products: blog, website. Do not let them feel like you are there to approach them to sell your products or services. You are on social media so they don’t forget about you, which is very different and unique.
  • Remember that marketing is not only used to sell, but it facilitates the sale. You must create a community Facebook to convert a “like” into a potential sale. Although it is very hackneyed, it consists of perfectly knowing the tastes and needs of your customers / followers. Therefore, you can offer them the content that invites and encourages them to publish their experiences.
  • The purpose of the presence in a social network is to make friends. Therefore, it is much easier for you to buy from a friend than from a stranger, right? To do this, you can post attractive publication that generates conversation on a regular, basis. This way, you can achieve your goal in the end without insisting those followers come to your store.
  • Insert a ‘real’ ad means the possibilities offered by this social network. Above all, it allows you to clearly define the segment you are targeting. And so, you can reach a local audience, your audience, easily.

Indeed, getting likes on Facebook pages and photos is an arduous task. That’s why we have shared some strategic tips here. We know that an SME needs to focus more on its business, whereas Facebook marketing is a tough and time-consuming. To get rid of this full-time job, always rely on a reliable companion. Socio Traffic is the best platform that will stand with you to make everything easy. Buy real Facebook post “likes” from us and boost your SME brand.

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