According to the announcement by MM Research Institute in September 2021, domestic sales of smart watches in 2020 were 2.294 million units, an increase of 19.9% ​​from the previous year. In terms of market share by manufacturer, Apple is the top with 54.5%.

It seems that the reason why the number of Apple Watch sales has increased is the spread of the low-priced “Apple Watch SE” so-called entry model, but it is also a big factor that the public awareness has turned to “health management and workout”. right. Last year, more and more people were concerned about the changes in their physical condition due to the continued self-restraint, and they often heard the word “corona fatness”.

To get a good night’s sleep

When it first appeared, the Apple Watch had a strong impression that it was for active people who play sports that can record exercise and life. However, after a few years of updates, the impression that data will be acquired to maintain health has become stronger.

Especially, the influence of “Sleep Log” that appeared in watchOS 7 delivered in September 2020 is big. When you sleep with Apple Wacth on, the built-in accelerometer detects your body movements. Record the time when it is determined that you are sleeping. The sleep schedule function encourages you to wake up at the scheduled time with a vibration that taps your wrist. As I have experienced, waking up is better than a sound alarm.

At the WWDC22 conference for app developers this week, it was announced that this sleep measurement would be further enhanced. Currently, the Apple Watch only records sleep time and respiratory rate, but a new “sleep stage” has been added, and users can REM sleep using signals from the built-in acceleration sensor and heart rate sensor. You will be able to record whether you were in core sleep or deep sleep.

Even before the Korona-ka, more and more people in Japan are concerned about the quality of their sleep. It is clear from the fact that Seiji Nishino’s book “Stanford-style best sleep” was a hit and the Yakult 1000 “improving sleep quality” is running out.

Users voluntarily provide sleep data to the Apple Heart and Movement Study through a research application, which Apple is also using to study sleep.

Data to help you keep track of how efficiently you are running

In addition, at this WWDC22, there was also an announcement regarding the recording of conventional workouts. That is the enhancement of running measurement.

With my current Apple Watch workout, I’m getting running time, laps, heart rate and calories burned while running. “Running form index” is added to this. It is useful data to record how efficiently you are running, and you will be able to understand the length of your stride, contact time, and vertical movement. You will be able to analyze stride in running terms and some form.

When you hear about running or jogging, you may have the impression that it belongs to someone who is good at sports, but according to the Sasakawa Sports Foundation, in a 2020 survey, you did jogging and running over the age of 20 ( The percentage (more than once a year) is 10.2%, which is an estimated 10.55 million, which is the highest number since the survey started.

Actually, I was one of the people who started running with Korona-ka. I’m not good at exercising and I never wanted to run, but it’s thanks to the Apple Watch that I started. You have to burn calories to lose weight, but the Apple Watch shows calories burned. If you know the calories burned, the pain will be a sense of accomplishment that you’ve done this much. The Apple Watch also has the ability to set a daily calorie burn goal, so you can work out like a game to reach that goal.

There was also an update for those who want to run further as a runner and those who want to strengthen their training.

Many runners will run the same course every time and measure whether they can exceed their personal best time. In the next update, you will be able to compare my course records when measuring your running. It will notify you if it is faster or slower than the previous pace, and will tell you when you are off course.

Expectations for the next Apple Watch to take full advantage of new features

It also enables heart rate range, so-called heart rate zone measurement, which allows training while monitoring heart rate. Heart rate is related to the load of exercise, and it means that the load of training is close to the maximum heart rate. It is said that it is important to use this to build the right workout for the person.

For example, if you are aiming for a fat burning effect, a relatively low load called Zone 2 is recommended, but it is difficult to confirm that value in self-training. The Apple Watch will measure it and let you know. Unnecessarily high intensity can easily damage your body, but if you know your heart rate data and which zone you are in, you can continue with peace of mind.

The stronger the function, the more the need to wear it for a longer time and spend 24 hours. The current model, Apple Watch 7, supports fast charging and can charge from 0% to 80% in about 45 minutes. The feeling is that if you “charge while taking a shower”, you can keep the battery running 24 hours a day from sleep to workout and work.

The general release of the features introduced is scheduled for fall, but expectations are high for the next Apple Watch.

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