Kashmir is a  beautiful tourist destination in India. If you want to experience heaven on earth then it’s the right place for you.We must organise our journey to Kashmir according to the season in order to make the vacation truly memorable.We can definitely find something for ourselves in Kashmir whatever the reason for visiting, a nature lover or photographer can find some great sights and scenes to capture on camera and in our memory. Social media has always been instrumental in making the Kashmir Valley very popular among the tourist community. Every year, thousands of people from all over the world visit Kashmir. There has been a great reduction in tourism activities due to the pandemic.

At this point of time, ‘Revenge tourism’ has started as soon as the second wave of Kovid drops significantly and the number of new Kovid cases decreases across India. The states of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Goa have witnessed a sharp increase in tourist arrivals. In this article, we have prepared a Kovid-19 travel guide for Kashmir that will help you stay safe and avoid any hassle during your post-Covid travel to Kashmir.


Tourism activities have been a major contributor to the maintenance of the local economy of Kashmir and the people of Kashmir. It creates employment and business opportunities for the local people who are involved in hospitality and transport activities. The Kashmir Valley is now open for tourism but at the same time the COVID guidelines are in place and there are certain requirements from tourists before entering Kashmir.

As per the new guidelines, all tourists visiting Kashmir must be fully vaccinated along with two doses of the vaccine. Unvaccinated tourists will have to undergo RT-PCR test at least 72 hours before travel. These instructions have also been implemented for many other states of India and all popular tourist destinations. All these rules are likely to remain in force for the coming months of this year as well. If the number of new covid cases falls below a certain level, then most likely these guidelines will also be changed and restrictions for tourists will be relaxed.

At the same time, all tourists visiting Kashmir are expected to behave properly with Kovid. A special permit may be required to visit some restricted areas. The issuance of these permits has also started recently. These were some Kashmir travel guidelines that you need to know if you are planning to visit Kashmir.

Following are some of the key travel guidelines one must remember before booking a Kashmir tour package ;-

·       All passengers traveling to Jammu and Kashmir should produce a post-vaccination certificate. The vaccination certificate must also include proof of administration of two vaccine doses.

·       Unvaccinated tourists will have to undergo a negative RT-PCR test 72 hours before travel.

·       Wearing a mask and maintaining social distance is essential while visiting popular tourist places in Kashmir.

·       Book your travel and accommodation before. Also, talk to your hotel in advance about their cleanliness, facilities and all precautions related to COVID-19.

·       Try to get tested before your trip and have a Covid-19 negative certificate in transit.

·       Get the latest information about containment zones in Kashmir as non-essential travel is not allowed in any area in Kashmir.

·       Carry a personal PPE kit that includes a face shield, sanitizer pouch, and a pair of disposable gloves for flight.


If you are planning to travel to Kashmir, then in view of the ongoing pandemic, it is important to pack some extra things in your bag. The most important thing while traveling is to take care of keeping the people around you safe as well as minimizing the risk of getting unwell. Here is the list of things to pack like ;-

·       Winter clothing, warm clothing, shoes and scarves for traveling in snowy terrain

·       Pack of disposable face masks .

·       sanitizer for personal use

·       Cleaning solution for exterior/surface use

·       A personal PPE kit which should include a face shield, sanitizer pouch and a pair of disposable gloves for flight, train or any kind of movement.


So this was the description of a brief post-covid travel guide for Kashmir travel. Before embarking on a Kashmir visit, we must check Kashmir travel guidelines as well as the latest updates on the political situation in Kashmir. Travel guidelines are subject to change from time to time as per the situation of COVID in India. As a result, keeping covid-appropriate behaviour assists in travelling securely and eliminates any needless hassles while travelling during the holiday season.

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