This checklist is for any new business owner to help them get started, although the equipment they need will vary according to the type of business they run. 

Using the internet and WiFi at your business location

It doesn’t matter how big or where your business is located, you will need a secure internet connection and high-speed WiFi to succeed. Almost all internet providers offer business-class internet that boasts faster download and upload speeds and a more secure connection.

Even if you plan on running your business from home, it is wise to get business-class internet over residential internet. A business-class internet connection allows you to have high download and upload speeds (typically over 1 Gbps), a symmetrical connection, a static IP address, and a dedicated internet line all to yourself. All of these features will allow you to download large files, host larger websites, and conduct seamless meetings and video conferencing.

Additionally, a commercial-grade firewall should be used in conjunction with business-class internet. A firewall protects your connected network from attacks and threats coming from the outside. Before choosing a firewall for your business, it is smart to become familiar with the types available.

For a detailed Network Security Checklist for Businesses of small sizes, click here.

When you start your business, it will be extremely important to have a fast and secure internet connection.

Your business needs office furniture

The environment in which employees work must be comfortable and productive. Businesses should provide the following:

  • Desks & Chairs – Since you’ll likely spend a lot of time sitting at your desk, it’s important to have a comfy desk and chair. Consider both the design and comfortability when selecting a desk. Studies have shown that sitting for long periods can have negative effects on your health. Consider getting a hybrid standing desk, which allows you to sit or stand throughout the day. Your posture and productivity will be impacted by choosing an ergonomic chair.
  • Multi-Function Printers – Every office worker has experienced a less-than-ideal printer at some point. Having a working printer is evident when printing, copying, or sending something, but many offices struggle to maintain their equipment. By investing in a commercial printer, you will be able to reduce downtime you might otherwise experience. If you encounter any problems with commercial printers, field-service technical support is available.
  • Filing cabinets – You will need a place where your valuable office documents can be stored safely. You will have ample space to organize your financial documents by purchasing several filing cabinets. If your business grows, being organized now will be beneficial.
  • Decorative Accents – Although the room is intended for work, you should add some decorative pieces to it to give it some character. Several studies have shown that incorporating hangout areas and soft spaces can enhance productivity.

Your business will only benefit from the right furniture during its infancy if you get it right. If you purchase all of this equipment at once, you may experience sticker shock. Furniture outlets generally offer financing through their websites. Perhaps a personal loan for your business would be more beneficial if you plan on buying gear from multiple vendors. Additionally, if you need other equipment, you can use the borrowed funds to help you purchase it. Consider your business expenses before applying for a loan for your furniture costs if you decide to take out a loan to cover your furniture costs.

Your business will thrive in the future if you get the right furniture now, regardless of which route you choose.

Computer and business phone for work

To become a successful business owner, you will need to maintain a separation between your personal and professional lives. I suggest you get a work phone and a computer used only for work to separate your personal and professional lives.

To use a second phone for business, you should first choose one. Especially if your business is starting small, it may seem silly or unnecessary to do this now, but as you grow, you will be glad you did it. You can easily separate your personal and business conversations if you have a business phone. Additionally, a secondary number will make your business appear more professional than one with a personal phone number. Make sure you choose a business phone whose operating system is compatible with the computer you are planning to use. To put it another way, if you get an iPhone, you should also get an Apple computer.

According to the kind of business you run, the computer you choose will differ. If your business is more creative, you might want a hybrid computer with touchscreen capabilities. Engineers and designers may need something more robust that can handle 3D imaging. You should always research before selecting a specific computer, regardless of the case.

To manage everything throughout your business, you will need a computer daily. You will benefit greatly by investing in the right computer early on.

You might consider putting some of the money you have saved up into a technology budget for your team if you have employees with you on this startup journey. All employees should receive the same laptops, so having money accumulated to facilitate the purchase of each laptop and any additional accessories that they may need would be a good investment.

Your productivity will increase and your work security will be enhanced with this direct split in the technology you use every day.

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