Kuchipudi is a traditional Indian classical dance form. It originated from the village of Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh. Kuchipudi is a religious dance art form and is known as “Natya Shastra”. It connects traditionally with the temples. Kuchipudi is known for its impressive quick footwork. It has dramatic characterization with expressive movement. Get tandava and lasya feature in dance form. Kuchipudi is a traditional art form with graceful steps. Kuchipudi is one of the toughest forms of Indian classical dance that requires a whole lot of rituals. From lighting incense sticks to sprinkling of holy water, many rituals are followed in the dance form. 

Kuchipudi dance jada:

Get assembled hair Kuchipudi dance jada with decorative accessory. Get assembled hair set with optional hair set. There are Kunjalam and Jada for Bharatanatyam dance makeup.  Save hours in makeup time by fixing Kuchipudi dance jada.  There are two types of jada set. Purchase your suitable large Jada set that is about 32-36 inches long. The medium Jada is 24-26 inch long. There is a thread behind the jada that helps in typing up on one’s own hair. Fix the jada to the hair bun with clips and fixtures. Kuchipudi dance jada is easy to fit and remove. Get assembled hair with jada set and hair kunjalam. 

Get aesthetically pleasing Kuchipudi kunjalam set with hair brooch with pre made ready jada. Get superior quality material with ready to go accessories. Kunjalam is a ball shaped accessories that is fitted on the hair. It increases the appeal of entire Kuchipudi look. 

Get a range of hair accessories with jewellery ready jada and false hair extension. Adding jada to the braid gives a traditional authentic look. There are durable and high quality jade. Jada’s are premade and reduces hassles while preparing for Kuchipudi dance form. False hair Extension that is made up of quality nylon. Get hair extension that is easy to manage during dance form. 

Jada Alankaram:

Get temple Indian Jewellery tassel with Kunjalam in Kuchipudi dance form. There are heavy duty bob pins that looks elegant while security one’s hairstyle. Get south Indian wedding hair style with Kuchipudi dance jada that are attached to hair for a stylish look. Jada alankaram is a necessary ornament for hair make up style. Get Indian hair accessories with costume jewellery. 

Traditional Dance Performance: 

Kuchupudi is a separate and classical solo dance style. There are several jathis in the dance form. Jathiswaram is where dancers perform based on certain Hindu musical compositions.  Keerthanam is a musical composition that is highlighted through dance form. Tarangam is a performance in Kuchipudi dance. It is performed on a brass plate filled with water. The dancer moves the plate while the dance performance. It is a classical dance form from Natya Shastra. 

Guru of Kuchipudi Dance:

Guru Vempati Chinna Satyam is the Guru of Kuchipudi and is known for its global recognition. It takes 12 to 18 months to learn Kuchipudi. It is a dance drama performance that has its roots from ancient Hindu Sanskrit text. 

Theme of Kuchipudi dance:

The main theme of Kuchipudi dance deals with stories, tales, and scenes from mythology and epics. The dancer uses stories, tales and mime for representing the story through the cultural dance form. The purpose of Kuchipudi emphasise on bhakti. Devotees worship and devote their offering to Hindu gods. Kuchipudi originated in 17th century. It is a product of Bhakti movement during the seventeenth century. 

Get fanciful and attractive Kuchipudi dance jada that are adorned during the traditional dance form. Prepare for a stage performance while featuring the Kuchipudi dance jada for personal hair decoration. It is a major classical dance performed in India. 

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