A small town in the Accra Metropolitan District, with an area of 4.95 sq. km, East Legon is a hub of some of the best restaurants in Accra. Being a metropolitan area, East Legon has grown to cater to all kinds of cuisines like Chinese, French, and Japanese. And of course, you can find the native Ghanaian cuisines too – a wide range of jolloffs and Waakye. While visiting East Legon, you might get lost in the plethora of choices. Accra has over 200 different restaurants. Among them, the most recommended ones are in East Legon. The list below enumerates some of the best restaurants where you can eat your heart out:

1. PotBelly Shack

From the outside, you won’t get the exact impression of this hidden gem. Only after you enter the premises, you’ll see how awesome this joint is. The staffs are very hospitable and the décor is customized to match the local tradition. You can order pork recipes, fries, burgers, or jolloff rice. The menu offers a wide range of cocktails and mocktails that has a divine taste. Or if you like desserts, cheesecakes and milkshakes are available to satisfy your cravings.

2. Starbites

If are planning for a brunch or lunch, Starbites could be a good choice. The food is delicious, the quantity is appropriate and the price isn’t repulsive. British apple crumble is one of their iconic dishes. And you must try their finger-licking good jolloff and jerk pork. If you like pizza, try one here. They make their pizzas in the clay oven, just like any other professional pizza place. 

3. Chez Afrique

Chez Afrique is a nice place to chill out if you like grilled meat, cold beer, and live music.  A short distance away from Mensvic hotel, the restaurant offers a happy ambiance and prompt service. Some of the popular dishes here are grilled spicy chicken, calamari and the Tilapia. If are aiming for live music, visit there during weekends. The band plays all genres – from pop music to local reggae jazz.

4. Noble House Chinese Restaurant

The Noble House Chinese Restaurant is a fine Chinese restaurant in East Legon. The eating space is quite large and full of beautiful interior decorations. Some of the prominent items on the Chinese menu are dimsums, rice, noodles, lobster, and chicken delicacies. The restaurant is known for maintaining its super generous portions of food. Although the restaurant is Chinese, they offer a range of Indian delicacies like fish curries, mutton rogan josh, and Basmati rice. The price is a little on the higher side but the generous portions make up for it. 

5. Living Room

If you want great food, wonderful service, and a beer, Living Room is here to fulfill your needs. Located close to the police station the joint could be hard to find. Try the grilled tilapia or the groundnut soup if you are into authentic Ghanaian cuisine. 

6. Papa’s Pizza

If you’re looking for the best pizzas in East Legon, go to Papa’s pizza. Papa’s pizza is a busy place because there aren’t many great pizza joints in town, to begin with. The menu offers a wide range of pizzas with chicken, meat, jolloff, vegetables, and pork. Most customers find the pizza sauce mouthwatering. The restaurant mostly stays busy on public holidays and Friday nights, so be prepared.  

Pork is not the choice of meat for many Ghanaians. Papa’s pizza keeps this factor in mind while selling their pizzas. That’s why there is a separate range of pizzas that don’t have pork as an ingredient.  

7. The Venue

The Venue is your venue for the Mediterranean, European, or international cuisines. Order a beef steak, lamb chops, or the Tilapia without any worries. You will get supreme quality meat in this restaurant. Pizza is something that people talk about after trying it here. 

Whether you’re looking to spend a romantic evening with your significant other or have an urgent business meeting, the Venue could be an ideal choice. 

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