Brothers. They might be annoying at times but let’s admit you also can not live without him. How can you live without annoying him or making fun of him? How can you stop reminding him of the trip to Kolkata on which he slipped on the floor inside a local cake shop in Kolkata, this became the highlight of the trip and you are still teasing him for that. But even after all these you love and want to show your care for once by gifting them something. You are ready to make peace for a day. So for this beautiful relationship, I have curated a list of gifts that you can gift to your annoying but awesome brother.

Beard kit

For his newfound love of beard, gift him a beard kit. DIY a kit by adding products like shaving cream, after shaver, trimmer, a pair of scissors, and some skincare products as well. Make him fall in love with skincare so he can stop bothering you when you are doing your skincare routine.

Food hamper

Nothing can be better than food. On this topic, you and your brother will agree unanimously. Decorate the hamper and add snacks or sweets that you both love. You will share your snacks so why not add something for yourself as well. You can try to have themes as well. If your brother loves history or architecture then a theme around the Taj Mahal would be great.  Add some popular snacks, sweets or cake from Agra. You can also ask him for some brownie points by saying you ordered it specifically from someone who does online cake delivery in Agra so he can try the best authentic food with the comfort of home.


Watches are one of the most versatile gifts. You can gift your brother a watch no matter what his age is. Be it 11 or 30 there is a variety of watches out there to fit anyone. Gift him a watch which suits his style and is also pocket friendly to you. 


Glasses can make up a great gift as well. Gift him glasses which suits him. With a stylish frame add glasses that give protection from blue light and are scratch and water-resistant. You can also add clip-on sunglasses so there are no issues in sunlight as well. You can go a step further by customising the case. A good pair of glasses can completely change the vibe of a person. So gift your nerdy brother a great pair of glasses. 

Mood light

If your brother has been recently complaining about how his room looks and wants some changes in it then gifting mood light can be a good option. It can add or enhance the beauty of his room. Gift him a mood lamp that is just as unique as he is. This gift is also a pocket-friendly gift and also has a wide range to choose from. You might even choose one for yourself. 

Headphones or earbuds

For the brother who is always watching TV or listing to music on high volume gift him Bluetooth headphones or earbuds. You can choose from a wide variety which fits your budget. Gift him headphones and regain the silence in your home.

No matter how much you annoy or hate each other but whenever there is a time of crisis or any problem you will be standing as each other support system. This is the beauty of a sibling relationship. Hope this list helped you to find a good gift for your brother. 

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