These days more and more people are taking matters into their own hands, thanks to DIY hacks and YouTube videos. While it may make sense in certain situations, such as installing summer wheels or changing a spark plug, it is not advisable to repair your car yourself.

Car repairing tasks can be frustrating when it is complicated to identify the cause of the problem and determine the solution. Hence, a licensed and certified mechanic should carry out such tasks.

Here are 6 car repairs that you should never try to do yourself:

1.      Repairing Your Car’s AC 

Car AC systems are difficult to repair. Some people end up worsening their condition because they do not give much thought to its operations. Since the AC system contains chemicals, it is best to avail the car repair services dubai. A competent mechanic will demonstrate a multi-point check of your AC system to optimize performance.

There is a possibility of compressors wearing out, Freon leaking and fans breaking, especially if you drive in an area like Dubai where there are frequent sandstorms and harsh weather. These are just a few things that require expert’s attention to make sure they are in good condition and keep you cool all summer.

2.      Replacing DVD Player or Upgrading Radio

Many people think that installing their own radio is an easy task. However, the problem here is that installing either a DVD player or radio involves adjusting electrical wiring. Therefore, if you’re going to do this procedure independently, you’d best know what you’re doing or risk causing major harm to your car.

Risks and worsened complications include short-circuiting your car’s electrical system or sparking an electrical fire in the vehicle. There is also a frustration that comes with the realization that the system does not work after you spend hours adjusting the wiring. Taking your car to a technician and having them fix the problem will cost you more money than if you had a trained mechanic install an improved radio or DVD player for you in the first place.

3.      Avoid Replacing Timing Belt Yourself

If you have owned your automobile for quite a long time, the timing belt will need to be replaced. While many individuals attempt to accomplish this replacement on their own, it is never recommended. This is due to two reasons identified below:

  1. The timing belt is a crucial component that keeps your engine running.
  2. It involves dismantling almost half of your car’s engine in order to access a specific timing belt.

Even if you successfully change the timing belt, your odds of reassembling the engine correctly are low. The smallest error might cause long-term and irreversible damage to your car’s engine.

4.      Replacing Shock Absorbers Yourself? Don’t Do It!

Many “do it yourself” types believe they can fix their car’s suspension and replace the shock absorbers on their own. Do not attempt it!

To begin with, if you do this repair incorrectly, it might pose a major safety risk to your car and render it unsuitable for driving. Second, going underneath your car to repair the shock absorbers might be hazardous.

Many people have had their hands crushed while attempting to remove or replace ancient shock absorbers. Furthermore, many individuals reach under their car and begin this repair only to discover that they can’t differentiate a shock absorber from a strut.

5.      Fixing A Chipped or Cracked Windshield Repairs

The television advertisements make it out to be so simple. Simply dab a little epoxy or other guck into a chip or crack in your car’s windshield, and it will appear brand-new. Isn’t that something that everyone can accomplish on their own? Wrong.

A cracked or chipped windshield is a major problem and a potential safety threat. People who have a crack or chip in their windshield should have it repaired right away by a professional. And acting immediately can prevent the windshield from being replaced totally, saving the owner a lot of money.

6.      Diagnosing A Battery

If your battery is dying, it is time to get it replaced. You must take your car to a well-reputed car garage for availing the best car battery replacement Dubai services.

In all, there are certain car repairs that need the sheer attention of a car specialist. These are the most complicated tasks that you should avoid dealing with at home or get prepared to pay a huge sum to clean up the mess.

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